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Sourcing Services

Welcome to DC I.T. Sourcing, your go-to hub for premium components and peripherals sourcing and assembly! Our curated selection showcases the latest in technology, sourced from leading global manufacturers to meet your specific needs. Need assistance or have a specific requirement in mind? Reach out to us through our 'Contact Us' section. Our dedicated team is ready to provide tailored solutions and expert guidance.

Let us know what you're looking for! Whether it's high-performance processors, top-notch graphic cards, or specialized peripherals, share your specifications and preferences. We'll leverage our extensive network to procure the perfect match for you. At I.T. Sourcing, your satisfaction is our priority, and we're committed to delivering excellence in every product we offer.



Assembly Services


Welcome to our Electronics Assembly Services at I.T. Sourcing, your premier destination for cutting-edge surface mount PCBs and comprehensive assembly solutions! We specialize in providing top-tier electronic components and assembly services tailored to your precise specifications. Whether you require high-density PCBs, specialized surface mount technology, or intricate assembly, our curated selection is sourced from trusted global suppliers, ensuring premium quality and reliability.

Need guidance or have specific requirements? Connect with us through our 'Contact Us' section below. Our dedicated team stands ready to assist you with personalized solutions and expert advice.

Let us know your needs! Whether it's surface mount PCBs with intricate designs, custom assembly services, or specialized electronic components, share your requirements with us. We'll leverage our extensive network and expertise to fulfill your unique demands. At I.T. Sourcing, we are committed to excellence in delivering top-notch electronics assembly services designed to elevate your projects to new heights

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