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Hemorrhage Control - Target Acquisition - Portable Power - I.T. Assembly


Direct Components Inc. is a unique company providing products that have enhanced capability, create value in multitude of environments. Our model is motivated by modular multi-functionality, reduced weight, reduced physical footprint, flexibility, while delivering greater speed in action.


Direct Components responsibility is to provide a broad strategic plan for our company but, moreover a vision geared for operational efficiency from concept to creation. Our mindset is that we manufacture innovative bio-mechanical products designed to save time, minimize the risk of injury, and improve human performance.

Our Story

Our Vision

Be The Next


Own It

Move The Line

Innovate Or Evaporate

There Is No Ceiling

There's a technological revolution brewing in warfare. Military operators, First Responders & Consumers now are even more reliant and needing of advanced technologies in the fields of target acquisition, power and wound control. Direct Components is focused on all three of these fields and leading the way with cutting edge technologies to enhance safety and survivability.

Direct Components designs forward driven technologies across multiple sectors for wound management, power efficiency and target acquisition markets

Our Philisophy

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