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Applied Life Sciences

Direct Components designs forward driven technologies across multiple sectors for wound management, power efficiency and target acquisition markets






There's a technological revolution brewing in warfare. Military operators, First Responders & Consumers now are even more reliant and needing of advanced technologies in the fields of target acquisition, power and wound control. Direct Components is focused on all three of these fields and leading the way with cutting edge technologies to enhance safety and survivability.

Featured Products


Samaritan can stop hemorrhaging in as little as ten seconds without the use of coagulants


The Chimera multifunction laser diode provides multiple wavelengths for target acquisition from a single source diode


The Hydragrid power canteen provides up to 10 watts of power from a heated liquid source


Direct Components proprietary IFAK kit is the only IFAK kit containing the Samaritan patented polymer for rapid hemorrhage control and burn treatment

Featured Projects

BLUF: ( Bottom Line Up Front ) 


The “Golden Hour” has been a time-honored tenet that early and
effective hemorrhage control could save more lives than any other
measure. The “Samaritan” seconds to cure technology can be extended
for use on complex levels and will reduce death rates,
provide new therapeutic tools for paramedics, and increase life-saving
capability for the medic.


This proprietary polymer cures in 30 seconds to stop bleeding. This is done without
the use of clotting agents which makes it the most unique product in its field.
Additionally, it is ideal when dressing wounds and prepping an area for further
medical treatment – and promotes effective cellular healing.
Samaritan is a removeable from the site of application without trauma. It is a nonbreathable
product that adheres to the skin, so no separate taping is needed.

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