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Cancer Tumor Embolization

Samaritan is infused with Barium that enables it to be seen under x-ray, ultrasound and other scanning technologies in order to be placed into the ventricles feeding a tumor thereby cutting off the source of the tumor and starving it out. Once the tumor is dead Samaritan is easily removed. This is all done with no toxic chemicals or coagulants.

IV/Catheter Infection Prevention

 The case-fatality rate for catheter-related infections is approximately 14%, and 19% of these deaths are directly attributed to the catheter infection. Samaritan can be applied prior to IV or Port access to prevent infection. It can also be placed over the IV and Port to secure it to the skin and will completely seal out infections. Samaritan when pierced mimics the skin during split and does not cork the needle.

Rapid Hemorrhage Control

Samaritan Cures in 30 seconds and Controls any Bleeds. 


Samaritan is removable in one piece allowing the surgeon to cauterize as it is removed. Does not tear away from the cellular wall.

Scar Treatment Reduction

Applying Samaritan to the laser treatment area for scar reduction results in an 85% reduction in sting and pain from the laser while at the same time allowing the same effectiveness by the laser for the treatment.

Multi Function Laser Diode

Direct Components Multi-Function laser diode provides the operator all of the benefits of having different wavelengths in a small footprint thereby reducing weight and size.

SERE Multi-Purpose Tool

This innovative modular system of integrated tools acts in combinations as a force multiplier. This progressive solution results in preparedness of assets on the ground, which translates to having critical tools at the ready that can make the difference in extreme and unforeseen situations.

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